In order to take very good care of stucco, brick or siding, you can spray with a regular garden hose but if your home is made of a hybrid such as Hardiplank or even wood, a power-blasting is the best thing to use in brightening of the exterior. I sought the advise of a St. Louis power washing machine renter, and here is what he advised on how to go about this;

Rent the Machine

It can rented at a local cleaning-equipment company or at a Home Depot. Book the machine for a weekend, probably a two day job. If your plan is to pressure-wash annually, you need to consider buying a washer Direct all questions about your specific home to your rental place. If your house is more than three stories, it is best to hire a pro.

Make use of cleanser

Water alone is enough to remove the usual dirt buildup. You don’t need soap unless there is mold or mildew and in such case, a pressure washer with a compartment for detergent should be requested. You can use a cleanser mixed with household bleach, according to the instructions on the cleanser container.

Prepare for Spray

Before starting, shut and lock the windows and during the working process, dontg spray windows directly.

4. Test it out first

Set up with the least powerful nozzle with the number 40 or so.  This indicated a fan-spray pattern of 40 degrees. Firstly, stand at three feet away from the house and then spray a small area to make sure the spray is not causing damages to the surface.

Wash in Sections

Work from top to bottom in segments if you are using only water.  You may decide to switch to a  lower-numbered nozzle so as to dig into cruddy corners but in most cases, the 40 nozzle will do the whole job. Make sure you do the entire house because spot-cleaning just parts of the house could make the place patchy. If you are using cleanser, then wash from the bottom up and rinse with fresh water from the top down.

Wipe the Windows

Although you will avoid direct hits, the windows can get wet and be spotted with dirt. Wipe them down with a towel that is lint-free before the water dries, if not, it could leave spots.

Run Out the Clock

If there is an extra time with your rental, you can give your other outdoor furniture made of plastic, iron or a hardwood, a spray for good results.