Windows usually bring warmth and light, beautify inside and out, provide views and add great value to your home. Windows can also let in intruders and elements that can put your home at risk. That is why windows must be considered a vital investment. Mostly, the cost of windows depends on the type, materials used, dimensions, the complexity of the installation, security features and the number of windows needed. Here are some major things to consider when looking to buy some replacement windows.

1. Number of Windows

Ideally, the more windows that needs to be installed, the more expensive the installation price will be. But professionals will charge less per window if several windows are installed at the same time. So, if you are contemplating replacing two windows, it will make sense to talk to your professional installer about the cost of installing multiple windows at one time. This may save you money eventually.

2. Window Sizes

Windows usually have different dimensions depending on where they are needed. Typically, living rooms have larger picture windows hung in multiples ranging from 3×4 inhes to 6×6 inches. A standard bathroom window is a bit smaller, it ranges from 2×1.5′ to 2×3′. Most window manufacturers will be able to customize windows to any dimensions, though you may be asked to pay more for odd sizes.

3. Window Sash Materials

In the case of vinyl windows, they are inexpensive and they need little or no maintenance. They are also very durable and changes in humidity will not cause them to shrink or swell. Vinyl window manufacturers usually stand behind their products with strong warranties but the disadvantage of vinyl windows is that they are not as attractive or sturdy as wood. On the other hand, wood frames cost more and also require much more maintenance. If you fail to repaint and finish wooden window frames, they will become susceptible to the elements. Though all that money and work can be worth it because of the classic and authentic architectural appeal of wood. That is why some historical neighborhoods always have covenants which requires that windows be framed with wood.

4. Window Panes

You can save a considerable amount of money on your utility bills and also make your home more comfortable with new windows. Windows are mostly rated by the U-factor. If the U-factor is low, the more energy efficient and the higher the initial cost. You will pay more for a double-pane window, but over time, they will pay for themselves.

Replacing existing windows is  usually cheaper than cutting walls for new ones. Consider talking to your contractor and a security firm about ways to make your windows safe from burglars. Note that windows above the first floor are likely to be more expensive to install because of access issues.